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I'm to blame,

lets move on

Posing for pictures


I have been working in the administrative support area for over 30 years.  My motto when things go wrong has always been “I take the blame, let’s move on and fix it”.  My love of learning new things, especially new technology and software, leads me to new and exciting tasks in my work and home life.  Others tend to turn to me to help learn new software when it’s deployed.  Learning new things and learning quickly has always been my strong suit yet I tend to go too quickly through things at times, making more mistakes than I should.  As I have gotten older I try to check things more thoroughly before finishing to make sure I fix these mistakes, but I’m human and miss sometimes.  Although my body feels old, I can still mess around like a kid.  I’m caring, friendly and committed to being a team player, yet still always working to improve myself.

When queried my colleagues say I’m caring, intelligent, efficient and proactive.  One of the first years working as a contractor one of the clients called me “Radar” as I sometimes would give them what they needed before being asked.  Another more recently called me the Microsoft Office Excel and PowerPoint guru.

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